New and improved breast implant 'IMPLEO' is launched!

25 June 2015

Dear all,

As we step into these beautiful summer days, here at GC Aesthetics we have a lot to celebrate…

Firstly, I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved breast implant ‘IMPLEO’. I am personally very excited about this development - I have been so invested in GCA becoming the leading aesthetics company, and trusted brand in the field, since I started work more than two years ago and I see this is a huge step in that direction. A true innovation, ‘IMPLEO’ is a very special implant designed by our hard working, renowned team at Nagor in Cumbernauld. It is a 6th generation breast implant with new characteristics that make it special – for example, it can be twisted several times without gel fracture, and it gives a soft to the touch natural feel whilst still keeping a stable form (I’m sure this will be as exciting for surgeons and patients as it is for me and our team - if you want to see the technology in action, you can head on over to our Surgeon Facebook and Twitter pages!) I am really enjoying our current #IMPLEOtwist Twitter campaign with photos from all over the world. I too will be posting a photo of my daughter Lara- now 2, can you believe it! - doing the #IMPLEOtwist very soon, so stay tuned!

On a more personal note, this social media campaign is important to me because of the social stigma in many countries and cultures – as some of you might know, I was very much involved in the launch of Viagra, so I have some experience with stigma and perception. So we started planning important initiatives in social media and our experience centers to allow patients to be informed and comfortable. As a woman, and also a person intimately involved in every step of the process, I find it important for our surgeons and patients to have a good experience. I really hope we can reach our goals, and I am eager to see your responses and participation as well.

In other news, we remain fully dedicated to our ‘We Care’ Philosophy – a commitment to strive for customer loyalty and satisfaction. Whether it is exceptional product quality that consistently meets the needs of surgeons and patients alike, solid safety measures, comprehensive warranties or guidance and advice to empower women to make an informed choice, our philosophy is designed to create a relationship and communication patients and surgeons can fully trust. And we do care, it’s not just talk! I personally am very proud of all of our involved and dedicated teams out there, especially in moments when I hear stories of teams delivering products to surgeons in their operation rooms at 6 am in the morning, following a call just a few hours before. I love seeing that everyone is just as enthusiastic about our work as I am.

I hope you all have a good summer!

Until next time,


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