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Learn about the different types of implants

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Increased fullness and lift, especially in the upper portion of the breast giving volume to the cleavage. The implant is completely symmetrical.

Benefits² ³
  • Provides the upper part of the breast with fuller volume.
  • Increased projection. A perkier and youthful appearance.
  • Mostly achieves central nipple placement.

2. Task Force on Breast Best Practices conclusions: Breast Augmentation and Revision


Also referred to as “teardrop”, anatomical breast implants offer a gentler contour in the upper portion and fullness in the lower portion of the breast, below the nipple, for a more natural look.

Benefits² ³
  • A more natural look.
  • Generally associated with more “side boob”.
  • More fullness in the lower half of the implant.

3. Saya (July 4th 2020). 3 Advantages of Anatomical Breast Implants. Dr Saya. https://www.drsayah.com/blog/3-advantages-of-anatomical-implants/

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