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GC Aesthetics® Solutions

At every step, we support patients with our pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery products. GC Aesthetics® provides A Confident Choice for Life™.


GC Aesthetics® supports patients and surgeons during the consultation. With Eve 4.0™, our interactive digital platform, and the GCA® consultation kit, we offer products to aid surgeons explain and help the patient better manage their expectations and make a fully informed decision about surgery¹.


At our core business we have breast and body implants and surgical support. Backed by our global reputation for long-term safety, and more than 3 million implants² over the last 10 years³, our comprehensive portfolio offers a full range of textures, fillings, sizes, and projections to best suit each patient's needs.


Our support goes further than the operation alone. Recovery is just as important as the surgery itself. Our NOA™ compression garments ensure optimum results post-surgery for patients',⁴ comfort, and our GCA Comfort Plus™ Warranty provides an extensive lifetime warranty on all GCA® breast implants


Why choose GC Aesthetics® products?


Long-term expertise

For more than 40 years, GC Aesthetics® has been manufacturing high-quality breast implants under its premium Nagor™ and Eurosilicone™ brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.


Backed by long-term clinical data

Our products are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness.


A broad portfolio of implants

Our expansive breast and body implant catalogue offers a full range of different textures, fillings, sizes and projections to best suit each patient’s individual needs.


Available across the globe

Our products are available across the globe, as we have local offices or distributors present in more than 70 countries.


Trusted by millions of women

GC Aesthetics® has sold more than three million implants over the last 10 years⁷, and 9 out of 10 women say they would recommend our implants⁸.


Support at each stage of your journey

From pre-surgery, to surgery, to post-surgery, GC Aesthetics® is here to support you. We consistently strive to provide you with everything you need to have A Confident Choice for Life™.

GC Aesthetics® Pre-surgical Solutions

Even before the surgery, GC Aesthetics® supports patients and surgeons during the consultation.

Consultation kit

Eve 4.0™

GC Aesthetics® Surgical Solutions

We design and manufacture products you can trust with 10 years prospective long-term proven safety and efficacy data.


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This information is intended solely for the use of healthcare professionals. A healthcare professional must always rely on her or his professional clinical judgement when deciding whether to use a particular product with particular patients. GC Aesthetics® does not offer medical advice and recommends that healthcare professionals be trained in the use of any particular product beofre using it in a procedure or surgery. A healthcare professional must always refer to the package insert, product label and/or instructions for use before using any GC Aesthetics® product. The information presented is intended to demonstrate particular products, as well as the complete GC Aesthetics® product catalogue. Products may not be available in all markets. All content and information contained on or available through this website is for general information purposes only. GC Aesthetics® makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained here, and such information is subject to change without notice.